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Blog about the web and startups, from Finland. By Timo Paloheimo

Google Minus Google: Google Search Results Without Content From Google

Inspired by an article in NYT about Google becoming a media company, I decided that something had to be done. So I created a way to Search with Google without getting results from Google sites such as Knol, Blogger and YouTube.

The result is Google minus Google.

UPDATE: Google minus Google has gotten a huge start: 3000 visitors in the first day! The visitors came mainly through a few Finnish IT news sites: Digitoday, that interviewed me this morning, IT-Viikko and Tietoviikko. I’ve also updated the filters to include some Google domains: Jaiku, Gmail and Blogspot

UPDATE 2: Version 2 of the launched. Now built with Google Custom Search Engine.

UPDATE 3: Miguel Helft continued the original story in the New York Times blog with an article about Google minus Google. He had received a statement from Google: “For years, users have been able to customize their experience via the advanced search feature within web search, and we welcome all efforts that help deliver useful information and expand user choice.” So I guess I’m of the hook for now.

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Author:  Kristoffer Lawson
Date:  August 11, 2008 | Time:  5:11 pm

Heh, nice one, Timo. Kind of catchy, too.

Author:  Ville Vesterinen
Date:  August 11, 2008 | Time:  11:43 pm

Nice! Good thinking there =)

Author:  jil
Date:  August 12, 2008 | Time:  1:22 pm

When I searched for ‘google’, I got (Official Google Blog) as the first result. I thought the idea was to filter out all Google’s own content…

Author:  Vaiheinen
Date:  August 12, 2008 | Time:  2:41 pm

Well, nice discussion idea. I tested also with name of my blog “Vaiheinen” and Google-minus-Google gives all results from is not removed from search.

Author:  Timo Paloheimo
Date:  August 12, 2008 | Time:  3:14 pm

Bug with Blogspot fixed.

Author:  Logical Extremes
Date:  August 13, 2008 | Time:  4:39 am

It would be interesting to see the full results, with the Google-owned results highlighted (or, more appropriately, de-emphasized), perhaps via some CSS tweaks or a Greasemonkey script.

Author:  william shatner
Date:  August 13, 2008 | Time:  9:20 am

timo, it seems that you have found your start-up.

Author:  phatsphere
Date:  August 13, 2008 | Time:  5:36 pm

maybe better to do this with google’s coop, as an empty unbiased websearch and excluding those pages.

Author:  Mrrix32
Date:  August 13, 2008 | Time:  5:42 pm

what about * ?
or Orkut?
or Lively ?
or Feedburner ?

Author:  » Google Minus Google - SearchLab-Blog
Date:  August 13, 2008 | Time:  6:00 pm

[...] und Umsetzung kommen von Timo Paloheimo, der in diesem Blogpost erläutert, wie es zu Google Minus Google [...]

Author:  Timo Paloheimo
Date:  August 13, 2008 | Time:  8:48 pm

At first I did take a look at Google Custom Search Engine, but I wanted to have different kinds of searches (images, blogs and news) and that was not possible with CSE.

Mrrix32, I updated the filter to include the sites you listed. It’s not possible to include all sites (without CSE) as there are hundreds of domains I would have to block.(two years ago Google owned 520 domain names) I just want to block the ones that appear in common search results.

[...] can visit Timo Paloheimo's Blog here and check out what else he has to say about 'Google Minus Google'. Related PostsNew [...]

Author:  Scott Cleland
Date:  August 14, 2008 | Time:  1:58 pm

Clever idea and powerful insight. Kudos. It spotlights Google’s inherent and undisclosed conflict of interest in promoting its own content over the world’s content that it takes as free. Most important, it may provide the Department of Justice Antitrust team and State Attorney Generals investigating the Google-Yahoo ad deal an interesting and useful tool to test Google’s assertion that they have no anti-competitive bias whatsoever in their search algorithm.
Google is indeed a media company… see my post on this
Scott Cleland, Chairman

Author:  thing
Date:  August 15, 2008 | Time:  8:24 am

Google-Google looks nice. Great job.

The internet era is just beginning and we can’t let Google own it.

Author:  bjewelled
Date:  August 15, 2008 | Time:  9:52 am

Now, this is Cuil, sorry, cool! And I love the clean lines.

Author:  Jukka Matikainen
Date:  August 16, 2008 | Time:  12:31 am

Smart! Next, how about “Google minus Google advertisers”…excluding, reversing, revealing, rethinking…;)

Author:  JNG
Date:  August 17, 2008 | Time:  12:32 am

I think your site is clever, but a word of advice, I suspect you will get a trademark/copyright infringement letter within a few days from Google based on your web page. I further believe they’d succeed in shutting you down, so if I were you I’d start thinking about a backup plan.

good luck!

PS: isn’t there something inherently biased in your approach as well in eliminating otherwise relevant entries simply because they come from one entity/domain??

Author:  Timo Paloheimo
Date:  August 17, 2008 | Time:  11:30 am

JNG, I’m not sure Google would want to do that, because that could make this even a better story and the amount of bad publicity would be bigger than what they would gain by shutting down my little parody.

Indeed my approach is biased, but I believe that Google’s normal results are biased towards them. :)

Author:  Clayton H
Date:  August 19, 2008 | Time:  7:59 pm

OK, so if you take this to its logical extreme you would be blocking out too much (comment 9, 11) and if you block out “google” you get something like the blockage of medical sites due to pics containing too much skin color. So it is inherently a weak argument about Google’s span across the Internet.

Also, concerning comment #17, They will send you a letter, you are the one using their trademark and large companies nowadays understand that they need to control it.

I was wondering, have you sent this into Google Labs? They might be open enough to actually use it and you get something for your work.

Good Luck,

Author:  Mike S
Date:  August 19, 2008 | Time:  11:45 pm

This makes no sense. First of all, I find the incorporation of other Google properties into the search results (called “Universal Search”) makes searching infinitely more valuable. You have omitted results from Google Maps, the most relevant videos from YouTube and the most popular blogs from Blogspot.

Try a search on for “Empire State Building”. A regular Google search has a link to maps including address, phone number, images, reviews, etc, it also has other relevant search terms. Your custom search has just the sites and the ads. This seems to be depriving people of valuable information, with no value added, except to drive more traffic to your blog which is being monetized by Google AdSense. Well done sir.

Author:  dewanand
Date:  August 20, 2008 | Time:  9:04 pm

I am satisfied with google and do not need this searchengine.

your searchengine is not complete for me.

google is very professional en ready for the future.

anyway I wish you succes

hindu writer
the Netherlands

Author:  Eric
Date:  August 21, 2008 | Time:  6:00 am

Good evening. I came across your site from and wanting to learn more, I clicked on the “About Google minus Google” link. I noticed a possible spelling error at the top of the page. In fact, it is the first full sentence on your site. It reads as follows:

Inspired by an article in NYT about Google becoming a media company, I dediced that something had to be done.

I believe you need to replace “dediced” with either “deduced” or “decided”. Thanks!

Your site is a clever idea and I like the clean look. I personally do not use Google, but like to use instead. I just might have reason to change…

Author:  Bjewelled
Date:  August 21, 2008 | Time:  10:15 am

#20 You seem to be suggesting that search-engines should pander to people’s laziness. If I want a map of the empire state building I search for “empire state building map”, if pictures I search for “empire state building pictures”. Anyway, your example using “empire state building” hardly supports your case; apart from the google maps links the first page results on both engines are identical! Furthermore if you go to the first result you will readily find all the information that you are, apparently, being deprived of. Or, is that extra click just too much effort?

Author:  aRTS
Date:  August 21, 2008 | Time:  1:26 pm


Very good!!!
Finally, back 2 the basics!!!

[...] זו הקים בחור חביב מפינלד (בהנחה שהוא חביב) בשם טימו פאלוהימו מנוע חיפוש שמבוסס על Google Custom Search, שלמעשה מתפקד כמנוע [...]

Author:  Supermof
Date:  August 29, 2008 | Time:  10:14 am

Why is it allowed? In the german terms of use it says that you are just allowed to use Google’s ui, but no scripts to get results from their services?

Author:  Timo Paloheimo
Date:  August 29, 2008 | Time:  10:34 am

The service is made using Google’s Custom Search engine which allows just this type of thing. In a statement in the second NYT article Google say they have no problem with my Google minus Google.

Author:  kdbrauer
Date:  August 29, 2008 | Time:  12:50 pm

Looks really good.

Any plans to make this configured search usable through the
Search-Plugin-Option .. let’s say for Firefox 3.0++ ?

Author:  Timo Paloheimo
Date:  August 29, 2008 | Time:  1:01 pm

Great idea knbrauer. I’ll have to take a look at that.

Author:  Google minus Google «
Date:  August 31, 2008 | Time:  2:18 am

[...] Leia mais no blog do autor da brincadeira: Link [...]

Author:  Google minus Google: Eine lustige Spielerei |
Date:  September 1, 2008 | Time:  10:52 am

[...] Paloheimo, kam auf die Idee, eine „google-freie Google Suche“ zu schaffen, als er in der “New York Times” [...]

Author:  Steve
Date:  September 3, 2008 | Time:  4:39 pm

Is there a way to localize Google Minus Google? I currently use for my searches.

Author:  Timo Paloheimo
Date:  September 3, 2008 | Time:  5:55 pm

There is no way to localize google minus google as the Google custom search engine does not have that feature.

Author:  100000 Visits To Google Minus Google
Date:  September 24, 2008 | Time:  1:53 pm

[...] Six weeks ago I read an article in the NYT about Google becoming a media company. I wanted to contribute to the discussion about Google emphasizing their own sites in search results. So I created Google minus Google, a search engine that uses Google to get the search results, but filters out all links to Google-owned sites. [...]

Author:  Google minus Google « Add Site
Date:  October 7, 2008 | Time:  6:09 am

[...] saber mais? Cliqeu aqui. (Artigo em [...]

Author:  Vicente Juan
Date:  November 15, 2008 | Time:  5:40 pm
Author:  Petar
Date:  November 22, 2008 | Time:  2:06 pm

Great Idea !
Now I use the power of the google-search-engine, and I dont get bother with any google sponsored links

SW Developer

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Date:  September 11, 2009 | Time:  12:54 am

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Author:  JOK102
Date:  June 8, 2012 | Time:  8:40 pm

Well – I found you through Google today, specifically its VP of Engineering mentioned this site on a post:

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Author:  Mark
Date:  July 4, 2012 | Time:  3:03 pm

Your results are very different to Google, is it just results you show?

I like becuase my sites rank much better than they actually do on Google.

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Author:  Andy
Date:  November 29, 2015 | Time:  7:22 pm

Interesting idea, but how do I get Verbatim mode?

The main problem with Google search, for me, is the lack of relevance to what I searched for. I see no way to insist that all my search words actually appear on the pages, with Google Minus Google.

In standard Google search, there’s Verbatim mode, which is as close as it gets.

Can you add that option?

The world waits, with baited breath…

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