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Blog about the web and startups, from Finland. By Timo Paloheimo

Open Facebook Search has a new name: Open Status Search

Open Facebook Search has reached an important milestone. Thanks to the brave ongoing efforts of Ethel from Facebook’s legal department, I too received a “Notice of Trademark Infringement”. It was a monument of legalese which stated that using the word “facebook” in the domain infringes on their trademark. Which I guess it does, whatever, not going to have any sleepless nights over this.

So I had to change the domain and I changed the name of the site too. It is now called Open Status Search and can be found at the handy URL (Doesn’t quite have the SEO appeal of its predecessor, does it…)

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Embed Facebook Searches Anywhere


Open Facebook Search – my newest project – is developing rapidly. Since the launch a few days ago, it has received some nice coverage on blogs, the biggest being Inside Facebook and ReadWriteWeb. Today I’m very proud to announce that now on Open Facebook Search you can now embed any search results to any web page.

Go to Open Facebook Search.

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Open Facebook Search – Search Facebook public timeline outside Facebook

Open Facebook Search

UPDATE  17 MAY 2011: The service is no more called Open Facebook Search. It is now called Open Status Search, thanks to Facebook’s ace legal team. Read more.

Facebook launched their new open Graph API last week, and most of the attention has been towards how Facebook will be gathering massive amounts of new data through Social Plugins and how they are going to utilize it.

A very interesting thing also was launched at the same time, namely the Open Graph API. What developers and users have not quite realized yet is, that now there is a way to search the public timeline of Facebook, without logging in to Facebook.

This opens up whole new possibilities for developers to create totally new services on top of Facebook’s data. The first service to utilize this was, and while i was using it, I realized that they had managed to create a way to search these public records.

I though this idea could be taken further, so for the past day I’ve been working really hard (It’s not that hard really, but I’m not a fast coder) to create the first search engine for Facebook’s public timeline – Open Facebook Search.

The service is still quite much in beta, but I wanted to launch it to the world as quickly as possible. So, take a look at the brand new service: Open Facebook Search.

UPDATE: The site has gotten some nice coverage on Inside Facebook & ReadWriteWeb

UPDATE: Now you can embed all searches to any website. Read more.

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Startups from Finland: VerticeTree Creates Business From of Social Networks

VerticeTree logo VerticeTree is a Finnish startup founded in October 2007 that offers “Research, technology and consulting for online and mobile social networks”.

Their offering is divided into three areas: Network analysis and visualization (Analyzing and visualizing your most valuable customers in social networks), Advertising experiments (pretesting of advertising -which is nothing new – and Facebook apps) and Social targeting of advertising which sounds somewhat similar what Facebook does with its Newsfeed and Beacon.

So far VerticeTree has created PlayFinland, which is a community (web site and a Facebook group) for the Finnish Game industry funded by Tekes and an interesting Facebook experiment on the network of one apps users. What VerticeTree is doing is very interesting and I’m really looking forward in hearing more from these guys in the future.

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Startups from Finland: Zipipop Makes Life and Feedback More Fun

Zipipop logo Zipipop’s mission is to share life and make feedback more fun. Whatever that means. So far they have released a couple of Facebook apps, but apparently their initial business idea had something to do with feedback – hence the logo that features Zipi the feedback fish.

I’ll have to cover Zipipop again when I’ll find out what they are really trying to accomplish.

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Startups from Finland: Petsie – Social Networking for Pets

Petsie is social networking for pets. Dogs, cats, horses, rodents – you name it – even rubber ducks. The site doesn’t have that many networking features, just the the typical profiles with commenting and the possibility to have friends. A nice feature is the abilities of each pet – cleanliness (from sleazebag to clean), intelligence, speed etc. The pets’ owners also have their profiles.

Petsie was started in 2006 and so far there are more than 17k pets on the site. The service is available currently in three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish.

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Startups from Finland: MuslimSpace is a MySpace Clone for Muslims logo MuslimSpace is a social networking site for Muslims that’s based in Espoo, Finland. According to Alexa they reach 145k users per week. The users come from around the world. The top three countries are Malaysia (18.5%), United States (13.6%) and Serbia and Montenegro (12.3%).

MuslimSpace is very much a MySpace clone especially when looking at the profile pages which feature all the same elements as MySpace. Besides the usual networking features the site also has blogs, photo galleries, groups, polls and forums.
Read more…

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Platform Wars Are Upon Us

The Season of Social Network Platforms is apparently here. All the major and smaller social networks are opening up their services. I believe the winners are not the social networks themselves, who will be forced to open their users’ social graphs, and thus their competitive advantage, but now smaller widget-like services that tap into the users’ social graphs across several, if not almost all, social networking sites.

The season for social network platforms is now, but the fight is just starting.

<via Techmeme>

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