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Blog about the web and startups, from Finland. By Timo Paloheimo

Twitter interview with Kai Lemmetty from Floobs

Floobs logo

For the second interview with Finnish startups via Twitter I chatted with Kai Lemmetty from Floobs. Earlier I interviewed Ramine Darahiba from MySites using the same rules: one tweet per question, one tweet per answer.

Read the discussion below for Kai’s comments on the future of their service (they are coming out of beta after the summer), making money with their service and the state of the Finnish startup scene. Enjoy.

Startupbin: @Kaimaan For the people not familiar with Floobs, how do you define yourself?

Kaimaan: @startupbin Floobs is a live and on-demand-video management platform for sports and music industries.

What sets you apart from your (bigger) competitors?

without going to technical details: 1. our focus on sports and music 2. focus on Europe 3. product

How is your product different? or is that where the tech comes into the picture? Any difference from the user POW?

tech innovations enables us to keep the streaming cost low but we also make it easier to manage brand related content online

So, what’s new with Floobs?

we are just launching new widgets for music and sports. Currently we have beta users mainly from Spain and Finland.

Besides widgets, what are your plans for the future? When are you planning to drop the beta?

We will drop the beta after the summer. Before that we will launch widget store and start sales operations in Italy.

Tell me more abour the widget store – is that your way to generating cashflow?

yes. the widget store will serve all the widgets and it will be the primary place to manage the ads+subscriptions.

Why should we all start using Floobs right now?

in music it is the best tool for managing video on social platforms. In sports it is the best live web-tv solution out there!

How do you see the Finnish startup Scene at the moment?

times are difficult.Some started doing consulting and other things on the side.Nice to see new startups born.

What’s the most interesting new startup in Finland?

I think orxter is very interesting. I like their idea and business model.

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Floobs Integrates With Kotisivukone

Floobs, the Finnish startup that enables users to create their own live TV channels on the web or mobile has integrated its services into Kotisivukone.  Kotisivukone is another Finnish startup who make creating websites really easy (Their name is Finnish for Home Page Machine). Their users can now easily add Floobs channels to their pages through a component.

The integration is done through Floobs’s API that is designed to make the integrations easy. Earlier the API has been used to integrate with Petsie, a social network for pets. Floobs will continue to focus in integrating their service to other sites. The API is open to the public and so far has also a custom module for Content Management System Joomla.

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More Finnish Startup Events: Startup Developers Gathering, BarCamp

A few days ago I wrote about the web startup community in Finland. Since then I’ve heard about a few more events for startups in Finland.

Startup developers gathering
Read more…

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Floobs Has Startup Spirit Combined With Technology and Funding

Floobs, as I wrote earlier, is a mobile internet TV service for creating your own live channels anywhere. I stopped by their office yesterday and met co-founder Kai Lemmetty to talk about their company and plans for the future.
Read more…

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The Future Of TV Is Personal On-Demand P2P and Community-Created, Mobile Live HD Widget Aggregations For Free

The end of TV as we know it is near. The future of TV is online and ready to hit the mainstream and it will be better than YouTube. It will be more than just good old tv channels streamed to your computer through P2P technology.

The TV of the future will be a form of personal expression on the numerous video blogging platforms.

TV will be on-demand. It will be streamed live from your mobile or webcam.
Read more…

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Startups from Finland: Floobs – clone with Mobile Ambitions

As this Finnish startup says on their home page: “ is a new service offering Community Created Live TV-channels.” aka a or Stickam clone. But Floobs comes with the traditional Finnish twist: mobile. They are developing their own mobile client and also a mobile version of their site ( They are angel funded, employ nine people and “are looking to hire more”.

They are currently running a beta in Finnish and they will launch the beta in English “soon”. I wish the company founded by two young ambitious men the best of luck, but they will have a big struggle in front of them in making the service a success beyond Finnish borders.

There is a good roundup of Floobs’ bigger competitors at TechCrunch.

[via Vierityspalkki, in Finnish]

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